June 25, 2014

The First Stone

I found this comment by Jodie on the Mercy River blog, and it sums up my thoughts of the past few days better than I can articulate. 
"This morning I woke to see the post about Kate Kelly being excommunicated passed around and liked over 3400 times (and still counting). I started to think about how many times I click “Like” on a post and why I do it, and the meaning behind it. And I thought to myself do I have those reasons to click “Like” on this post?
I have followed this case with an open heart and open mind. And even though I have my own beliefs in how this should be conducted, I do however have a strong issue with what we are all doing now. To “Like” something (specifically in the FB context) is to agree with a portion of the comments or the article, or even photos posted. Why would we “Like” any of this, especially those of us who call ourselves LDS?
We have a lady who, regardless of rhyme or reason, has been excommunicated. And I can not help but be brought to the scriptures and think about John 8:7 where it states “He who is without sin, cast the first stone."  Are we saying we are each without sin? Isn’t clicking “Like” right now kinda like throwing a stone?
Are we saying that we “Like” that she has been excommunicated because that’s what she had coming to her? Or that we “Like” the councils decision in this specific instance, or that we “Like” that a stand has been taken? Either way what is there to actually “Like” right now?
I have been raised in this gospel for most of my life, and one of the teachings I have learned is that the Atonement and Love of Christ applies to everyone. I do not for a minute believe that those bishops, councilmen and even our Prophet and and the members of his quorums are sitting there today thinking to themselves that they “Like” this situation, or “Like” that this daughter of God has been excommunicated.
So as someone who is raising children and who proudly teaches on a sunday will stand up today in front of many who will read and say. I do NOT “Like” any of this situation, especially its outcome. And I do not feel that we are being any better people by “Like”ing it."

Thank you, Jodie. Whoever you are. 

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Wonder Woman said...

Yes. I echo these sentiments, as well. I imagine that you and I feel similarly about the whole situation: I understand the why, but disagree with the how. And I ache for moderation and compassion from both sides. Thanks for posting this.

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