October 19, 2015

7 Ways Going Green will Save You Money!

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You would be surprised how frugal going green can be. There’s a pun here somewhere, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.  Here’s a list of a couple things that we have done around our house to go green AND save green! (There it is.)

  1. Ditch Paper Towels: Okay, so we still have paper towels for the GROSSEST messes that need to go directly into the garbage, but for everything else, we use rags or sponges.  
  2. Cloth napkins:  With six kids we go through lots and lots of napkins. The best thing I ever did was hem a bunch of fabric scraps and turn them into napkins. One more load of laundry a week is worth it.
  3. Reusable dryer sheets:  Another way to use up those fabric scraps, but this time, you don’t have to hem them. Get your scraps, soak them in fabric softener and hang them to dry.  Throw one into the dryer with every load.  Each sheet should do 15-20 loads. They’ll gradually lose their stiffness and you can kind of gage when they become less effective and just repeat the process.
  4. Jars instead of zip top bags: Jars are great for leftovers, for veggie dip, and for storage. Rather than pouring out your inconvenient bag of chia seeds into a zip top, use a jar for storage.  
  5. Get energy efficient: If you live in a cold climate, or even a hot one, this one can be really effective. Make sure your furnace or AC can keep your house comfortable without having to do extra work.  Try a reusable filter that can be cleaned every so often, rather than buying them every couple of months.  Make sure that any drafts are blocked to keep the expensive air in.  Open the windows when you can.  Insulate outlet covers.  Recaulk your windows. Your utilities bill will thank you.
  6. Compost: If you garden, this is a great way to keep your soil healthy without having to purchase fertilizer. Keep a bucket under your sink for food scraps.  Everything but meat and dairy can be composted.  Just mix it in with green matter, grass and leaves, and brown matter, like shredded paper, and turn it often.  It is great for productive gardens.
  7. Walk: if it’s within walking distance, don’t drive.  You’ll save money on gas, help keep the air clean and get a little exercise.

Did I miss anything? Let me know! I'd love to save more money too!

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