May 16, 2016

Summer Plans: Natural History Museum of Utah

You all know the song, right?

There's 104 days of summer vacation, 
And school comes along just to end it. 
So the annual problem of our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it. 

Summer is coming. So unless you have a couple of genius inventors that live at your house, you have to find something to do, right? Because otherwise, you've either got a destroyed house with kids running wild, or zombiefied kids zoned out in front of the TV. It took a while for me to get a good system down. We started with a summer bucket list, which kind of worked.  From there, I came up with a perfectly unreal schedule for each and every day, which totally bombed.  Then a reward system, then a chore system, and then, about two years ago, I struck gold.

A notebook. With our entire summer in it. This is as much for their sanity as it is for mine. This notebook has our summer chore system.  Our (much more reasonable and flexible) daily schedule. Lists of projects that need to be done this summer.  Lists of books that need to be read this summer. Lists of things to do BEFORE any electronics go on.  And a list of places to go this summer.
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High on that list is the Natural History Museum of Utah. I want to write 'New' in front of that, but it's been open for five or six years now, so new hardly describes it. I had the chance to take my two youngest a few weeks ago, and we loved it.  No, seriously, my two year old loved it.  That's not to say that your 12 year old won't love it, because I'm pretty sure that there is something for everyone there.  There are hands on exhibits everywhere. There are several rooms dedicated solely to games for younger kids.  There are interactive exhibits on flooding (WATER!!), earthquakes and cells.  It is fantastic.  And, they just opened up a new exhibit that I'm excited to see, the Genome: Unlocking life's code.
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This will definitely be one place we will visit this summer.  Want to check it out?  Well, the museum has given me four passes.  Add this to your summer list, and leave a comment below for a chance to win.
Want extra entries?
Tell me what you do to keep your summer under control in a comment.
Best books for 12-13 year old girls? Leave a comment.
Your favorite thing to do with kids in the summer. Leave a comment.
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Contest will close Friday, May 20 at 5:00pm.  Good luck!!
And hey, if you lose, the Natural History Museum sponsors several free days a year. Mark your calendar for August 22 and get more info here.


Emily Townsley said...

We want to go!

Ruth said...

I would love more information about the notebook you are referring too. Because I have a bunch of kids and I want to make sure they get stuff done this summer, as well as have fun. :) I would love to take my kids to the Natural History Museum, when we make a trek to Lagoon later this summer.

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