July 25, 2016

Growing up is hard to do. . . .

I threw a birthday party for my daughter. She's pretty particular about things and she knows what she wants. She also gets her heart set on it.

That's the problem.

She has a friend, a cute girl, who tends to be less reliable than others.  They haven't been able to get together all summer long, every time because this friend has cancelled at the very last minute. And I hate to see her face when she finds out. She tries to be strong, because she's too old to cry about silly things like friends not being able to come and play, but it's still painful.

When my kids were smaller, there were certain friends that you could almost count on to cancel. And when they're little, all communication goes through mom, so I learned really quickly it was better to make playdates a last minute surprise, than to build it up all day only to have someone break their little hearts.  And I know that kids have to learn to deal with disappointment. I know this. And she is.  But there are so many other disappointments that I can't control, that in this one thing, this one little thing, I can keep them safe.

But now I do not hold the power I once did. She makes her own plans, with her own friends. (With my approval, of course.)  She has to figure out which friends she can count on to be there for her. And which friends will regularly let her down.  I just wish she was still the cute little three year old, dancing her way through life without a care in the world.  That's all.

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