September 7, 2016

The Best Planner I've ever Used

So, things are CA-RAZY around here lately.  School is back, football's about to start, school musical rehearsals, preschool, orthodontist appointments, church stuff.  It's insane.  I've been working off the calendar on my phone for a while and for the most part it's been great.  My husband and I synced our calendars so that when either one of us adds something, it goes on both calendars. It's been great for preventing miscommunication.
But, here's the thing.  The phone is so great for keeping track of appointments and activities, but not the personal stuff.  Like which days do I have time to work out? Am I caught up posting on my FB Author Page? Did I fill out that form for Healthy Mom's Magazine yet?  And I realized that there is too much to keep track of in my head and on my phone. I need something to write stuff down and see it all laid out.  So, I hopped on Amazon and ordered my favorite planner. (I swear, this is not a sponsored post.  I just love this planner SO MUCH.)
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I had the same planner last year and I used it a ton, but never quite got around to ordering a new one in January. Good thing it's a 16 month calendar and starts in August because it has saved my life the past couple of weeks.  Seriously. I have been so much more productive with this thing. I've been marking things off my list, I've been making goals.  It's awesome.
I just thought that I would share on the off chance that there are other moms out there who feel like their brain is about to explode.

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The weekly pages on this planner are divided into six separate rows to keep track of different kids activities.   I love the way it's laid out. It makes it so easy to keep everything straight. 

*So, not a sponsored post, but does include affiliate links. Just FYI.

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The Bowes said...

I'm buying it! Thanks! I haven't slept tonight 9/8/16 and it's 5am on 9/9/16 but this might help. If not, I got it with gift cards that I earned doing surveys. ☺️

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