February 20, 2009

Ahhhh. . . Cancun

A little while back I mentioned that I was running out of things to write about. And I asked for suggestions. My dear friend Melinda suggested my dream vacation as a topic. And tonight, as absolutely nothing else is going on in my head, I thought I would take the opportunity.

I admit, I have more than one dream vacation floating around in my head. And I have been lucky enough to have already taken one of them. About 2 years ago my in laws took us to Cancun. All 40 something of us. And it was probably the best week of my life. I have never been to a more gorgeous beach in my entire life, nor have I ever experienced such perfect weather. Now, I think the absolute best part of this trip was the opportunity to experience paradise with family. My husband's entire family--all 9 kids, spouses, grandkids--everyone was there. Where ever I went there was someone I knew. If I wanted to go do something sans children there was always someone to watch them, and if I wanted someone for my children to play with I didn't have to go far to find them.

There was one major disappointment about the experience. I was pregnant. Only about 5 months, but it was enough. You see, just down the road from our resort was kind of a sea life park. And the main attraction at this venue was the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Fully funded by the in laws. I was thrilled. I have never wanted to do something so much in my entire life. We loaded everyone up. Got there. Unloaded. Went in to by tickets. And was told that pregnant women were NOT allowed in the tank with the dolphins. I was crushed. I was devastated. I took my daughter to the bathroom so I would have an excuse to go in there and cry. And I became the official photographer for the outing. I took literally hundreds of pictures of my husband and my girls getting to pet, feed, hug and even kiss the dolphins. (Although I have to say that even if I had been in the water, I don't think I would have participated in the kissing.) And it was hard to watch, while being wonderful at the same time.

And since that day I have had a goal: someday I will go back to Cancun. And I will not be pregnant when I go. And I WILL swim with the dolphins.


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Cancun looks amazing. I went to Cozumel which is a hop, skip and a jump away from there. It was beautiful. I would literally be crushed if I had the chance to swim with dolphins yet couldn't because I was preggo. That is one of my dreams on my Life List. I know one day it will come true, just waiting for the little ones to get a smidge older. :-)

Maybe you could add me as a friend on Facebook? Your profile doesn't have your e-mail address so I can't find you. That or let me know your last name. :-) My e-mail is on my profile so you can find me that way.

Have a great weekend!!

Much love from NJ,

wonder woman said...

Sounds absolutely perfect. I remember when you went!! I was (and still am) totally jealous. I hope you do get to go back someday!

That Girl in Brazil said...

.... Uh, why not?

I still remember when we went to Cananda with the in-laws - everyone was playing in THE greatest waves on the Great Lakes and I was stuck nursing our first born in an oven. Oh, I mean in the car. I wanted to play in the waves sooooooooo bad. When he was finally done, the lifeguard came out and told everyone that the riptides were getting too dangerous.

Sometimes moms really do miss out on a lot.

(And I WILL go back to those waves!)

Melinda said...

OH SOOOO SAD!! I believe in you that you will get to swim with dolpins! That sounds wonderful, I can't wait to go on a real vacation! Someday I will, someday...
One time we went to a special theme park and my daughter was only six months, so I got to stay with her while everyone else went on the most awesome rides. But no one would wait for me to go again. People suck. :)

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