February 25, 2009

Is it Self-esteem or self-confidence?

So obviously, I got tagged. By Heidi. And in her post she said Rachel. No other defining criteria. Therefore, my first thought was, "Me?"

And I started thinking about that. It doesn't say a lot about my self confidence. And I realized, I do that all the time. When I run into someone in a crowded or public area and they say my name, I literally look over my shoulder to make sure that they are speaking to me. I just assume that they are talking to someone else. That was pretty much the way that I felt all through high school. There were a lot of Rachels and for a long time when someone said my name, rarely were they speaking of me. And I never really grew out of that. (It doesn't really help that the past 2 wards that I have been in have had more than 4 or 5 Rachels.) this is not a pity party. i'm just reflecting on a personality trait that i have just acknowledged.

So why, why, would things change now that I have entered into the blogging world? Maybe I should get a cute pseudonym like Wonderwoman, that girl or motherboard. What do you think? Does it help you guys? Does it give you stronger sense of identity?

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janae said...

I don't know if a pseudonym will change how you feel, but if you want one, by all means! For me it is way too complicated to go by anything but my name. I'm not that smart. :)

ps. every one of Sam's girl friends before me was named Rachel. Strange, huh?!

wendy said...

Silly girl --NO-just be YOU. That photo of ME on my Blog---not really me (I look much more like Goldie Hawn or Suzanne Sommers ) ha ha ha ---NOT EVEN CLOSE. I hear ya on insecurities, the older you get, the less you'll care ----trust me.

Carolyn said...

I've always had name issues too. I've just never quite felt like a Carolyn.

But they are right...the older you get the less you care...

There are bigger fish to fry...or worry about.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yes, Rachel, I DID mean you--but I should have specified b/c I do have another Rachel who reads my blog. So, where's the pic? Was it yesterday and I missed it? Tuesday is my non-blogging day . ..No one had my name, except for the foxy girl in the rival school with the Farrah Fawcett wings when I was in the 6th grade. I hated that she had my name and I hated her. So there.

Rachel said...

Heidi-scroll down.

Melinda said...

Oh Rachel, I so hear you on this. I've been working on having good self esteem for FOREVER. I feel like I've finally started to get it, and I agree with the above, the older you get the less you care. But I figured out, I LIKE ME! and if someone else doesn't then I don't care anymore--REALLY! It feels great, I hope you get there soon. :)

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