February 12, 2009

Novice status

Okay, so we all know how much I love to blog. But there is still so much that I do not know about it!

For example: Why do I need to follow people? Is it just to boost other bloggers self esteem? Seriously. What good does it do, and how is it different than having a link to someone's blog on your page? Isn't that enough?

And what the heck does it mean to subscribe? What happens if I subscribe? Do I get a blog magazine in the mail? Seriously, guys.

And how do you make money on your blog? I was gonna to the Google Ad Sense, but did you know that they won't send you a check for less than $10? I am never, in a million years going to generate enough hits to make more than $10 a month. So isn't that basically just free advertising for Google? I think they have enough money.

I'm sure I'll have more questions as things go along, but for all of you out there wiser than me, help me out, will ya?


Carolyn said...

Sorry I made you follow me...

As for subscriptions and following...it's self-esteem mostly. But it makes it easy to read your favorites in google reader. You don't have to click around, just scroll down and read all the new posts on your favorite blogs.

and I am not brave...I run away from real life all the time...I am really a chicken in many ways

Emily said...

I follow people's blogs just so they know who's reading their blog. And I know who's reading mine if they follow. That way, even if I don't comment on every post, they still know I'm reading, and vice versa. More of a curiosity thing than a self esteem thing, in my opinion. And if you subscribe to someone's blog, it means you get notified (in Google Reader or another RSS feed service) every time they post something new.

Emily said...

P.S. Following a blog subscribes you as well, at least if you use Google Reader. So if you follow a blog, it will pop up in your reader when there's something new. So following is just a more public way of subscribing.

janae said...

I don't follow, but I do subscribe to your blog. (They are pretty much the same except following gets the little picture and self-esteem perks.) Subscriptions are nice because I have over a hundred friends and family who blog (hey, I come from 8 kids, my mom from 7 and my dad from 10, we're a big family) and it would be a pain to go to each blog every day to see if they might have posted. So I use the iGoogle homepage, and all new emails and blog posts go there. That way I know if you posted and only go to your blog if you did. Does that make sense? I subscribe to comments every once in a while - so that if I ask a question and you answer by posting a comment back, that comment is emailed to me. Once again, so I don't have to go back to the blog a thousand times to see if you answered me.

wonder woman said...

I got a comment like that fro TYT, too. weird. I like following because it makes it easier to read/follow. And I like seeing my picture on their blog.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Haha I just saw that you're now a "follower" of my blog! When I set up my blog it asked me if I wanted to follow the blogs privately or publicly so I chose publicly. Don't ask me why...I have no idea. My whole thing is I wanted some followers just so I know someone is reading. I set up the Live Feed so I could see if anyone was actually visiting my site. Otherwise, why would you write a blog if no one was reading it? I don't know, I need a little feedback otherwise I can just sit here and talk to myself without having to type it. I am funnier and wittier in my own mind unfortunately. :-) Thanks for following!!

Much love from NJ,

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