February 3, 2009

What Would You Do?

Do you:

A: take the crackers away before more mess can be made, but then have to deal with a tantrum throwing little boy.
B: Allow the mess to continue until he gets bored with it, and then show him how to clean it up and make him help you.
C: Let him do whatever he wants because you're making dinner and he's happy and then leave the crackers on the floor for 3 days, and notice that he occasionally helps himself when he is in the kitchen and bored and figure it will all be gone eventually.
I won't tell you which one I went with. But I bet you can't guess. . .


wonder woman said...

I have done A, B, and C on different occasions.

Melinda said...

They all sound pretty good, but I tend to lean toward C. Thats just me. Don't judge...hahaha

Carolyn said...

He he he. The more kids you have the longer you can tune the mess out.

I am up to 4 kids and weeks of mess before I finally give in and clean up.

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