March 24, 2009

Grown up Birthdays are Boring

My Husband's Birthday was yesterday. And I think he had a pretty good day. I think my kids were more excited about the day than he was though.

They had to help me wrap his presents and both my girls insisted on picking out presents for him. Then we heart-attacked his car while he was at work. They LOVED that. They wanted to wait in the car until he got out of work so that they could jump out and yell "Surprise!" I told them that I wasn't going to leave them in his car for 2 hours, so they decided to jump out and yell when he got home. Even though there weren't any surprises for him when he got home. Oh, well.

I think, however, they were most disappointed with his "party." Basically my parents and sister came over and gave him presents and we all ate cake. And, as my 6 year old put it: "Hung out." You should have seen her face fall when it was announced that there were no games. No surprises, no activities. SO boring.

Sorry that your party was boring honey. . .

Happy Birthday anyway!


Carolyn said...

Sounds perfect to me :)

If you want the pound cake recipe I can send it to you.

(It really was amazing. I had the last piece for lunch today...I am so bad.)

Heather said...

It sounds like the perfect birthday to me!! I think it's too cute that your kids wanted to go all out.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Sounds like my kids. Whenever I tell them it's so and so's birthday they want to know when the party is. My husband's birthday is Tuesday so I'm sure they'll be thinking a big fat party is coming. It's not.

I hope your hubby had a great day and loved his car decorations.

Much love from NJ,

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