March 11, 2009

My Scary Moment

Or another Little Miracle

So the kids were playing outside this afternoon. In the backyard. With the gate shut. (well, as shut as it can be. It doesn't close all the way because the genius who built it made it too big. But we have solved that problem but closing it as far as it will go and then pushing a huge brick paver up against it.)

My three oldest were out there, along with a couple of neighbor kids. My oldest was under instruction to keep an eye on my 2 yr old. So when I went out to tell them that it was time to come in, and I asked her where her brother was, and she just at that very moment noticed that the gate was open, I was a little upset.

We both sped to the front yard. And sure enough. There he was. In the middle of the street. Chasing the neighbor's dog, which had also escaped. Surrounded by 2 stopped cars.

Heart stop. Can't move. Dragged all 3 inside and yelled for the better part of five minutes at my two oldest. Apparently, they are not to be trusted.

And tonight I am grateful that I still have 4 living children.


Carolyn said...

Whenever I have scary moments I just look up and say 'thank you' when it's all over. I know there are angles watching over my little ones...yours too!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Oh my goodness. You must have had a pit in your stomach. I can only imagine your anxiety. Maybe you can get a bungee cord and shut the gate with that. Our latch doesn't work properly so we tie it up really good with a bungee cord. We haven't had any far. Glad he was ok. Whew! Another disaster diverted.

Much love from NJ,

hippyrochelle said...

That is scary. There was a time when Corbin was about 2, we were in San Diego at a hotel and we turned around and he was gone. The busy street was right there, and I completely freaked out. He ended up going the complete opposite direction of the street and had climbed some stairs leading to the roof of the building. But it was terrifying!

wonder woman said...

This story captures the title of your blog perfectly. Last summer, my boys were in the front yard. I had the blinds opened, but was busy around the house. After a few minutes I looked outside to check on them and couldn't see either one. I went out there and saw the Hulk down the block, chasing a dog into the BUSY street. I ran and screamed at him, but that just made him freeze, not move.

Luckily, the car that was coming saw him. I was in tears taking him back to the house. It really shook me up all day long.

SO scary.

Melinda said...

Oh I can SO relate! When my oldest wasn't even two, my uncle passed away, we were all in my aunt's living room talking and whatnot, and the daughter was in the kitchen with a cousin and some other's. After a minute (I SWEAR it was just a minute!) someone knocked on the door, she had gotten outside and was in the street! Good thing the person stopped and brought her inside--I felt HORRIBLE and like a, donkey. :( So glad he's okay!

Jenna Consolo said...

I know this feeling! I have one child who was an accomplished escape artist and could unbolt, unlock, and get out of anything, just to go outside. Sometimes I felt like the worst mother when a neighbor would bring back my toddler, even if he had escaped in the 2 minutes I went to the bathroom! Very scary. I'm glad everyone's okay. Thank goodness for angels that guard our little ones when we can't be there every single second.

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