March 27, 2009

Random is my Favorite!

Really it is. I don't actually have to finish a coherent thought. Awesome!

My son can't talk yet. He will be 2 in 3 weeks. Should I be worried? It is starting to frustrate both of us. He has a few words: ball, car, mom, daddy, eat, no, my turn, mine. But when it comes right down to it, most of the time he can't tell me what he wants. And it drives us both crazy and more often than not ends with him rolling around on the floor in tears because I don't know what he wants. Is it too late for baby signs?


There is a little girl in our neighborhood (whose name I will not use) that I do not like. Now, I know you're thinking, "Come on, Rachel, she's 8. She can't help be annoying. All 8 yr olds are annoying." But no, this one is different. She has a mean streak and you never know when it is going to hit. She is also conniving. Which drives me insane. She has almost broken our swing set more than once. (I know. It's a swing set. How do you break that? Trust me. She can.) She has shown up at bedtime to ask if our girls can play.
I know her parents. They are awesome people. I just don't get it. Really I don't. I guess she is just one of those kids I am destined to not like.


Do you guys do the whole coupon cutting thing? Do you do the thing where you go to like 15 different stores every week to get the best deals? Is it worth your energy and gas? And loading an unloading 4 children numerous times? So far I have done 5 stores in one week. And it wasn't really worth it. Maybe I'm not finding the best deals.


So I'm slowly working my way into the world of "crunchiness." You know what I mean, right? I had my last baby natural, something that I never thought I was capable of, but now, I don' think I'll ever go back. I try to buy organic and locally when I can, especially in the summer. (My love is the farmers market. And it's rubbing off on my kids. The other day my daughter asked me if the market was back yet!) But you know what? It's expensive! All of the seeds I bought for my garden are heirloom seeds and slightly more expensive than regular seeds. I simply can't afford organic milk. I get organic veggies when they are on sale and I love browsing the whole foods store, but everything is so expensive! I really want to move away from the heavily processed foods (read: my children's favorites) but I don't quite know how to make the leap. Any advice?

How was that for random? Have a great weekend. I get to go egg hunting tomorrow, can't wait! (that reminds me, gotta go charge up my camera. . .)


Carolyn said...

Um I don't want to scare you, but i really think you should have your son evaluated for a speech delay. According to most development charts he should have at least 50 words by 2 and be putting them together in 2 word sentences. "That ball." Is one of Ivy's (my 2-year-old she just turned 2 last week.)

My little boy Wyatt (now 4) had only 10 words at 2 and he was diagnosed with a speech delay. 6 months later he was diagnosed with high functioning autism. If he is trying to communicate with you, then you are probably just looking at a delay or even partial hearing loss. Does he point at things?

I will be happy to point you toward the right services in your area. I had no one to guide me when I went through this and it was tough!

But we are so thrilled with Wyatt's progress. The earlier you start intervention the better the outcome!

3 Peas in a Pod said...


Before I finished reading the first paragraph I thought about sign language. No, it's not too late to do it. If, on the off chance he does have a speech delay, that won't deter him from wanting to talk. I taught Peyton some signs when she was an itty bitty baby. I still teach them to her because I can't always understand what she wants. She picks them up so fast. I bought a book from Babies R Us for $6 on sign language. All the kids love it. It's really cute.

Some little kids just get on your nerves. Whether they're 8 or 28. The good news is just because you don't like her now doesn't mean she won't grow into a great adult. Not that that helps you now.

Haha I do know what you mean about crunchiness. Like crunchy granola right? I think that's the term. I love organic stuff too but it is pricey. Whole Foods is my favorite but it's only for the rich folk! :-)

I clip coupons and am starting to get in the groove of it more. There's a certain pattern the stores have as far as sales go. I don't have it all down pat yet but it's worth the effort in the long run. I don't know about going to 5 different stores. Are they all right in a row and not out of your way?? If they're a distance from one another it might not be worth the effort.

Sara Ward said...

After a year of doing baby signs, Abigail is finally starting to do them. It's kind-of nice because she doesn't talk yet either, except for maybe 10 words. We did check her hearing and it was good, and the doctor is not too worried. But it nice to communicate in any form. Abigail was screaming when she woke up from her nap and did the sign for hurt and did it low by her diaper. She had a really bad diaper rash, and I just picked up the perscription for it. So it is definatly helpful at any age.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Your son is too young to know if he has a serious problem or if he is just developing differently than other kids--which does happen. However, if you can find anyone to evaluate him, then I would think about doing it. He could just have a delay in his muscle development which might mean something or just might mean he isn't developing that way as quickly as other kids and there are no other implications. However, if something is wrong, the sooner you know about it and he can get any kind of intervention that is available, the less impacted by it he will be. I really wish I had gotten help for my son when he was really little like that.

Cottage Cheese Thighs said...

My son grunted and pointed until he was almost 3. He is now 7 and never shuts up - there is hope!

Melinda said...

I don't even know where to start commenting because I love random too and I love your random posts! I so relate to them, life as a mom is very random and full of unfinished thoughts yes?

Kate said...

My oldest son didn't speak hardly any at all until he was three. We were really worried but he just had a big sister and he didn't feel a need to talk. He did say some things but very little and it was very hard to understand. I just thought I would offer my experience. He started talking about 3 yrs and 3 months and now we can't stop him. Good luck. I love random. Great post and great blog.

wonder woman said...

Great randomness.

Isaac didn't really start talking till he was 2 1/2. He had a few words, like your son, but nothing complete. It was frustrating at times, but really, we got along alright. I had a pediatrician scare me away from sign language, but after Isaac took so long, I swore I'd teach child #2 sign language. Then he was talking by 15 months and I didn't need it.

Boys most often seem to talk slower. If he weren't talking AT ALL, I'd be a little worried. Does he respond to your questions? Does he respond to people calling his name? Do yout hink he's comprehending the things you ask/tell him to do? If there are hearing or comprehension issues, I'd get it checked out. But if you're just worried that he doesn't have as many words as you think he should, I'd just be patient.

I don't du coupons. I scan the ads and see who has a great ceral or milk sale, that kind of thing, but I don't get crazy about it.

I struggle with eating healthy vs. paying out the wazoo for it, too. And I haven't even ventured to the organic stuff!!

hippyrochelle said...

My dexter (who just turned two today) hardly ever said a word a month ago, I was worried about it and even talked to our pediatrician about it (he wasn't concerned). Then all of a sudden he just started talking, if we ask him to say something he will, and he says random words all the time, its coming along. I think you should just give him time and encourage him to talk to you and eventually he will come around.

Debbie said...

I love signing time. We finally bought some (and asked grandparents for them as gifts) but the library has some you can probably get on a waiting list for. It's not to late to start and the older kids pick it up faster and I bet he'd love it. They're just fun to watch. My daughter was like one of your other commenters where she had an older sister who talked up a storm and I think she just didnt need to. Now she's 3 and she's fantastic. She has great articulation even.

There is a girl in my neighborhood that sounds just like that girl. She's 8 and mean. She's one of 3 older kids and she's the only one that teaches all the little kids (5 and under) horrible things (words to say, talking back, body language, she even starting talkign about sex a few weeks ago. WHAT!) We try to limit her visits but there isn't much you can do when the kids are all out playing and they come over right? I feel for ya girl.

Have you done or more importantly ?? They are awesome! (If you haven't seen obsessive shopper email me! We should talk.) You might end up saving enough this way you won't feel like you need to do the 5 store thing. To me the worst part about it is the unloading/loading the kids. If hubby can't come with me to the store I always go when he's off work so I can leave 1 or more children home with him.

That Girl in Brazil said...

My 2 year old (ALSO named Isaac - shhh. Don't tell. Even though I just did.) is just NOW starting to talk. And he'll be three in August.

The main thing is if he can understand you. I wouldn't worry - but I would also be active about developing language skills.

There are children that I can't stand. Really. Can't stand.

I don't cut coupons cuz we don't have them.

And if I had the choice to buy organic,I would.

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