April 30, 2009

Recalled to Life

I have decided that there needs to be more than one mother's day a year. And not for the presents. (Although, I wouldn't say no to those either.) Mother's need sick days. And vacation days. And personal days. I think we should start a movement. We should march on Washington. We should campaign for not one, but four Mother's Days every year. And one of those days should be the designated sick day for all the moms around the world.

Schools would be cancelled -- if all the moms are sick who would take the kids to school? Who would be the teachers?

Offices would shut down--the dad's would have to be around to take care of the kids.

Stores would close--if all the moms were sick, who would need to go shopping? (Okay, maybe not all stores. But at least half of them.)

And scientists around the world would have discovered a way to funnel all sick days into that one. On no other days, would mother's be able to get sick. Only that one day a year. . .

And they would also come up with a discovery to keep any children from getting sick on Mother's Sick day. (Because there is nothing worse than cleaning up vomit, when you are already nauseous.)

The other 3 Mother's days would be spent doing whatever you wanted.

A girl can dream, can't she?

*I will send you a prize if you can tell me what book the title is from. Seriously.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds good to me!

hippyrochelle said...

good idea!

Carolyn said...

I think I said that yesterday :) But in case I only thought it...Yes I completely agree...too bad you have to be a working mother with a babysitter to get a 'real' day off.

Rachel said...

Carolyn-you did say that yesterday. I just embellished on your idea. You can sue me for copyright if you must! :)

Debbie said...

I had to google the title but I know the answer now:) but I'll save it for someone who didn't have to google it.

I completely agree with ya. Dads get sick days and they get to stay in bed and feel miserable and not have anyone bother them. When mom is sick the kids still climb all over her, she still has to feed the family, etc etc.

Sometimes (aka this has happened once), I take 'sick' days. I plan it ahead with the hubs and make sure there are easy meals he'd be willing to heat up and I stay in bed ALL day while he entertains the ankle biters (I use that term affectionately).

Heidi Ashworth said...

Does this mean you're feeling sick? So sorry! That stinks!

wonder woman said...

Oh, Rachel. I hope you're feeling better. Or will soon.

This is a fantastic idea. But I have a solution that might work till the legislation passes -- Friends? Family? If we lived close I hope you know you could call me. Seriously.

But let me know when you lobby Washington! ;o)

Rachel said...

Just so you all know. I am not dying. I am fine now. But one day of being sick (and two days of sick kids) has put me back on the whole house cleaning buisness for a week!

wendy said...

Oh man, I don't know the name of the book. But you have a point there my dear. I will march with you.

pan x 8 said...

I'm totally on that petition if you start that movement! And yes, we can still dream!

Okay so the book the title came from is.... A book we read in Book Club this year, that I totally skipped because of the time.. but I cheated and googled it, so that's how I know. But I won't put it up there! ;p

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