May 26, 2009

Tuesday Confessional

I don' t like reality TV.

I didn't watch American Idol. I, in fact, have never watched American Idol. I don't do the Bachelor, Survivor, America's Next Top Model.

In fact the only reality shows I deign to watch are What not to Wear and 18 kids and counting. I think I've given up on Jon and Kate plus 8. Too depressing.

Why don't I like reality TV?

Let me just tell you a little bit about myself. I cannot stand to watch someone humiliate themselves. It is not funny to me. You remember that one episode of Friends, where Ross humiliates himself? Wait, that doesn't really narrow it down . . . Anyway, having seen every single episode of Friends, when the reruns come on, and I know that Ross (or really any of them. It just seemed to be him more often. . .) was going to humiliate himself, I will change the channel to not have to watch it all over again.

When someone in real life, whom I happen to love, does something to humiliate themselves, it literally brings me to tears.

Is this offering you a little insight into why I may not like reality TV? Have you ever seen the first few AI's? Or the first few So you think you can dance? Humiliations galore.

And the backbiting. And the booing. And the disrespect by the bucketful.

I can't take it.

And I don't judge. Lots of people I love, love these shows. And I don't think any less of them. Because not all of them appreciate my entertainment choices.

For example, remember that time that everyone's DVR's stopped recording and everyone missed Adam's performance because the judges talk too much? Well, I saw that. Why? I was waiting for Fringe to start. Yes. I watch Fringe. And it's awesome. This, my friends, is why I don't judge.

So, what are you TV confessions?


Emily said...

I usually skip the audition episodes for AI and SYTYCD for that same reason. I don't waste my time until they've narrowed it down.

Here's my confession. While I was breastfeeding we had a DVR and I would record every episode of "Scrubs," "Malcolm in the Middle," and "That 70s Show." I think I have probably seen every episode of every one of those shows, because I would turn one on every time I fed Charlie.

I love "What Not to Wear," but I never get to see it anymore because we don't have cable now. And that show is the single reason I miss cable.

Carolyn said...

No TV here. Just movies and what I stream online. Which isn't much. I avoid AI like the plague. In fact I stopped reading one blog because that's all she talked about. She was a great girl, but I couldn't take all the AI!

Erin said...

While I do watch ANTM and Survivor, I am exactly the same as you on the humiliation front. I also change the channel when Ross is humiliating himself. And I never watch the first few AIs either. We are so alike in that respect!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

I dont do reality drives me nuts and it has in my opinion become way too much...everyone now a days has to have their own reality tv show....well lets get real one's life is truly worth tuning into every week!!!!

Kristina P. said...

That I probably spend 40 hours a week watching horrible Reality TV shows. :(

Rochelle said...

I hate reality tv, I hate that it feels like that is all there is. They will give any idiot there own show these days! I CAN NOT STAND American Idol, it makes me want to puke!

My tv confession is, I love real crime shows like American Justice, Cold Case Files, and 48 Hours Mystery. (I don't consider them reality tv, since they are news oriented!)

Melinda said...

I love ANTM--LOVE IT! But I have to fast forward through Tyra humiliating herself, I only like it for the photography, amazing! Anyway, I totally get what you're saying, watching "Meet the Parents" was physically painful for me, it was so horrible. I don't care for reality tv, because HELLO, how is that reality?! haha

wonder woman said...

First of all, love the Princess Bride quote. Props for sneaking it in so smoothly.

And my confession? I love reality TV. All of it. Even the horrible Vh1 shows. Love. Them.

Momza said...

I'm not into reality TV either...altho AI is a favorite show, and I must admit that the "pre-show auditions" totally make my day! I've used those to teach my kids so many lessons on honesty in a family, pursing real talents,etc.
I used to watch The Office every week, but I really hate the Michael character so much, I stopped--even tho my favs were Jim & Dwight & Pam--Michael's character annoyed me and offended, so I pretty much let the whole season pass without a thought.
My fav shows this past year have been CHUCK, The Mentalist, Lie To Me, and Burn Notice...and even then, I miss more than I watch.
But that's it for me...who has time to watch TV anymore??

Debbie said...

I watched one season of survivor. I enjoy The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance. Other than that I dont mind catching a show here or there (and by that I mean a highlight on YouTube since I dont have actual tv) but I dont watch much reality either.

My tv confessions are shows that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't randomly bring up in conversations. Like Arrested Development (just for example). Hilarious, but also for most of my friends offensive. But every now and then I hear of someone who likes it and it's like we share our own secret of awesomeness.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Fringe! I have been tempted to watch but wondered about it. It's JJ Abrams, right? So how could it NOT be great?

Jodie said...

I also love (most) reality shows. Maybe I am a horrible person, but I think it is hilarious when people who think they can sing or dance are just horrible and have no idea why they don't make it any further than the auditions. I too like the Vh1 shows. The people that go on those shows are just crazy. When I am having a really bad day and just need a laugh, I watch the reality shows on Vh1.

pan x 8 said...

I am a Reality TV junkie! My husband always wonders why I like to watch these people in their crazy crazy lives... It's entertaining for me! Hmmm... what does that say about me? LOL

heather said...

How interesting.

Aside from Idol and Biggest Loser, I'm not much for reality tv eithter.

Rachelle said...

oh, i'm glad you don't judge. cuz i'm kinda a reality show junkie, even though i know there's usually nothing "real" about it...LOL! thanks for not judging...haha. :)

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