August 21, 2009

Random Friday

I have decided that colds are sadistic and unforgiving. I know. I have one right now. For the past 2 days all I have wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. However, doing so results in a complete inability to breathe followed closely by a hacking cough that prevents me from sleeping. So not cool.

Week one of first grade is over. And I'm doing surprisingly well. Although I do feel like she gets home and then I turn around and tell her to go to bed. She
's getting used to it too. Although the first day when I told her ti was time for dinner she asked if she had gotten out late. She didn't realize how long she was gone.

Her little sister is struggling a bit with it as well. Yesterday she asked me 4 times before lunch when Eden was going to come home. Luckily, kindergarten starts on Tuesday. Hopefully that will help.


My house is a disaster. Partly from my being sick and doing the absolute minimum. And partly from having a 1st grader and then feeling bad asking her to d
o chores when she gets home because she's been at school all day and wants to play. And then realizing that's never going to work because she's going to be in school all day for the rest of her life. (At least as far as I'm concerned.)

I'm in a quandary. And my house isn't getting any better.

I just read a wonderful book. Have you read this? If not, you should. It is about a man who has basically devoted his life to building schools in poverty stricken areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. (True story!) This one falls in the everyone should read this book category.


Erin said...

I'm sorry you have a cold right now! What a rotton time to catch a cold - summer, when kids are going to school.

But I'm glad you survived the first week of first grade!

Carolyn said...

Summer colds are the pits!

I loved that book too. It really changed my perspective on our relationships with other countries.

Emmy said...

My mom has read that book and highly recommended it too. It is so weird, that once they start school.. that is really what they are going to do for a very long time.

Kristina P. said...

I;m sorry you are sick! Today is actually the first day in 3 1/2 weeks that I feel normal again!

wonder woman said...

Sorry about the dirty house. And the being sick. Unfortunately, they go hand in hand.

Thanks for the book recommendation. I was just at the library today and they didn't have any of the books I wanted. I should've come here first.

Lourie said...

As hard as it is, the house will wait. It gets harder to leave the growing mess when you start feeling better. Which, I hope you do start feeling better soon.

Debbie said...

It sounds like she's enjoying first grade if she didn't realize she'd been gone so long. How fun!

Boo for being sick. I hate it. Your body forces you to slow down but your family/kids dont allow it. I'm sorry!

Jodie said...

I hate summer colds! I hope you feel better!

Chief said...

I found you over at Bloggy Blather whatever it's called, she's crazy....

I saw the picture of the book and had to come over and see! I loved this book!

I'm a big believer in letting the house stink BTW

janae said...

I HATE summer colds. They are the WORST. But I did LOVE that book. It was a good one. I had a couple friends who thought it was slow and boring ... I don't get it. I loved the book.

Rachelle said...

boo hoo on summer colds. yucko, eww, not a fan! can't wait to read this book though! thanks for the recomendation!

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