December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday we were reading the Book of Mormon before school. We are in 1st Nephi,  when Laman and Lemuel have tied Nephi up on the ship.  After the horrible storm and the brothers relent,  Nephi prays and praises God.  My gilrs didn't know what praise meant, and when I explained to them that Nephi prayed and thanked God because he had blessed them, they were shocked.

"Why would he thank God?"  asked Eden, my oldest. I was kind of taken aback. I had never really thought about it before.  He was on a ship, in the middle of a terrifying storm, surrouned by people who hated him.   What did he have to be thankful for?

"Well,"  I began, grasping for straws, "he probably was thankful that his brothers had finally untied him.  And even thought the ship almost sank, it didn't.  So he was thankful for that.  And, his brothers could have killed him, but instead they tied him up. So he was probably thankful for that."

"Oh. Okay."  And that was that.

It made me think.  If Nephi can praise God in the middle of a storm, on a ship, surrounded by family who hated him, I can too.

If he can find the good in all that, it shouldn't be so hard for me.

We have a car functioning well enough to make the trip to California.
We are all healthy enough to travel in the car for 10 hours.
We have family who lives at the halfway point so we don't have to do it all in the same day. (Thanks again guys!)

Thanks, Nephi.


Barbaloot said...

I'm grateful that my family hasn't tried to kill me either:)

wonder woman said...

Perfect post. It's funny how reading scriptures with your kids makes you explain and understand them.

WV: suffern (v): When you're suffering, but not enough to murmur about it. Nephi was suffern tied to that pole.

Emmy said...

Very great lesson. I guess I have never really thought of it that way, but you are totally right.

Lara said...

Excellent insight. Thanks for sharing. We really do have so much, and we definitely don't have it as bad as Nephi!

WV: "proph" Wasn't Nephi such a rockin' proph?

Michelle 2021 said...

I agree and approve of this message.

Liesl said...

Perfect post.

I always like to think I'm like Nephi, but then find myself acting more like Laman and Lemuel. Not that I'm tying anyone one up or beating them, but you know, the murmuring, the lack of faith. More praise to God needed.

Rochelle said...

beautiful post!

heather said...

This post made me think of a book I just read called The Hiding Place. If you haven't read it yet, you really should. It changed my life.

And the connection here is: there's a woman who while imprisoned in a concentration camp during world war two thanks God for the fleas that are infested in her bunk. She does so strictly because of the commandment to be thankful in and for all things.

It's such a good book.

And later she learns that the fleas keep the guards out. And because the guards refuse to come in, they can hold their nightly bible readings -among other things- freely.

Momza said...

Well said Sister!
A heart full of gratitude leaves
little room

Lourie said...

Nephi is amazing to me. He didn't complain, murmur or whine. He did what he was told and he was grateful to do it. Too bad Laman and Lemeul didn't get it. I want to be like Nephi.

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