January 6, 2010

Nostalgic clothes

I recently acknowledged the fact that I have nostalgic clothing.

The January clean-out-my-house-so-that-all-the-new-presents-fit bug has hit. I have big plans to go through my house and get rid of unnecessary clutter.  Today, I went through the wishful thinking clothing.  You know what I'm talking about.

As I was debating and justifying I realized that most of the clothing would never see the light of day again.  But I can't get rid of it. I just can't. I still have the shirt from the disastrous trip to Yellowstone with my naive (and slightly clumsy) high school friends, during which we became stranded at Old Faithful without a reservation (or money). Did I mention that we were there in January?

Or the shirt from my senior trip to Disneyland.  Probably some of the funnest days of my life.  Despite the "Dear John-ing" of that particular boyfriend, and the eventual loss of touch of those particular friends, I still have very fond memories of those few days.

And how can I possibly get rid of the dress shirt that I MADE?  That's right. I took a sewing class and I MADE a dress shirt, which was actually acceptable to be worn in public.  My husband particularly liked that shirt. How can I possibly get rid of that?

And the dress that I wore to my wedding lunch, and the day of the wedding?  I will probably never fit into that dress again, but every time that I see it, it reminds me of a great day.

So, despite my desire (almost a driving force) to purge, there are a few items that just cannot go.  It might be a little silly, but for now, I think I'll make a little bit of extra room for those few items.


Emmy said...

Things like that are so hard to get rid of. I had a lot of t-shirts from marching band and plays and musicals that I was in, so my mom made them into a quilt for me. I love it! It isn't on my bed, but it is the quilt I wrap up with when watching TV.

MommyJ said...

I have a box of old tshirts and things that I will never be able to throw away. I've often thought I should make them into a blanket or something, because I won't ever wear them again. But they are too much a part of my history to throw away!

Kristina P. said...

I have a lot of clothing, and very new nostalgia pieces. Hmmm.

Emily - Good Frau said...

I definitely have nostalgic clothes that I can't give up! And boxes of "skinny clothes" that would probably benefit someone who's actually skinny. Maybe I should rethink this.

Lourie said...

I have heard of people turning old shirts into pillows. Have I done this? No. Do I have a closet full of memories? Yep. It's why clothes that fit are piled up on top of the armoire instead of IN it! Oh well. Haha.

That Girl said...

I hereby declare that this is perfectly okay. If a dress taking up space in the closet puts a smile on your face, then LEAVE IT THERE.

SpencernAmy said...

I am with you on the purging thing. Although, I am starting with the kids' stuff. Maybe the urge to purge will dissipate by the time I get to myself. : ) I struggle with how many of the ripped jeans should I keep for "play clothes." Because my kids invariably end up putting those ones on for school anyway.

By the way, love the pigeon books reference in your Leave a Comment section!

Melinda said...

When we moved I finally wen tthrough and got rid of a bunch of stuff like that, it felt good-- like a weight off my shoulders. Except for the shirt my friend gave me when we moved when I was eight. That will never go. And obviously I don't fit into eight year old clothes, so I totally get it. :)

Liesl said...

I've had the same pair of slippers since 8th grade. (I know. It sounds gross and it is.) Scott tried to make me throw them away and when I wouldn't he had them reupholstered for Valentine's Day! Alas, they are starting to show their age again and I bought a new pair of slippers this year. But I'm keeping the old ones!

Jo said...

Ha, my dad had one of those trips to Yellowstone in collage! they spent the night in a bathroom and hitchhiked home!

Michelle 2021 said...

Amen, Amen, to this. This is a huge problem for me. I feel like "If I throw this shirt or picture or card away, it's like that person was not my friend or that event didn't happen and my memory will fade even faster than it already is!!"

My new and progressive and space-managing mantra is very similar to the gist of your post: If you love it, keep it. If it genuinely gives you happy feelings (no mixed feelings, sadness or guilt allowed to stay), then it can stay. That is, until the next yearly toss-out. I often find that if I let myself keep an object, on purpose, for a whole year, I am ready to let it go the next. "I really didn't use this, did I?" Ok, ready to toss.

And it feels so good!

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