January 26, 2010

Questions for the Void: (or my fellow bloggers who happen to have an answer)

How do you say the word toile?

Does anyone want to give me a blog makeover?  Or at least some tips so I can do it myself?
(My computer graphic skills are severely limited)

Why does vomit always happen the day after I mop?

Why is money stupid?

Have you read The Book Thief?
(Because it is. . . searching for appropriate word.  Amazing?  Not quite good enough.  Incredible?  Getting there.)

Do you have a word to describe The Book Thief?

Why is January the longest month EVER?

Why is DI INSANE on Saturdays?  And not just insane. Verging on cannibalistic.

Why is the CBC so expensive?
(Early bird special. I know. Sigh of relief. Small sigh.)

I think that about clears it up.


The Boob Nazi said...

Merriam-Webster says twal. That's I I've got!

Emmy said...

I am so ready for a blog makeover too! And luckily I just one a gift certificate towards one. So I guess just enter lots contests and eventually you will win one :)

just call me jo said...

I'm with you on so many of those musings. It's comforting to know that others have these flitting ponders. I enjoyed entering the gray matterings.

wonder woman said...

I'm a fan of shabby blogs for backgrounds -- they have 2 and 3 column layouts, and headers that you can add things to.

January is so long because for December and most of November and even some of October, there is so much to do! Fall is beautiful, hayrides, holiday dinners, Christmas shopping, holiday parties, vacations, first snow (translation: you don't hate it yet).....but by January, all the excitement's over. It's dreary. There's nothing to look forward to. And it has 31 days.

I think CBC is so expensive because they have to pay for the venue and are probably paying for airline tickets for speakers. And all the food. Just guessing.

InkMom said...

Well, I'm no Merriam or Webster, but I'd add an "h": twahl.

And The Book Thief? How about paradigm-shifting? Because that's what it was for me.

Come to CBC! Please!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yes, twahl, twall. Does that make sense? I need a blog make-over too, and I can about guarantee that my computer graphic skills are MUCH more limited than yours! ;) If you get an answer to the vomit question, I'd love to hear. It almost always happens in the middle of the night, in bed, the day after I've washed sheets, too. That's all I can give ya.

MommyJ said...

I've always said twal... I think it sounds right. :)

Loved the book thief. Powerful, poignant, thought provoking. LOVED it.

As for CBC... speakers aren't getting their flights paid for. At least speakers as lowly as me. :) But I would imagine the venue isn't cheap. The women planning it are awesome. They aren't out to pocket anything, I'm sure. I'm also sure it will be totally and completely worth every single penny.

Just SO said...

I'm going with twahl on this one. I do love me some toile btw.

I read Why is money stupid? as Why is monkey stupid?

I need to read this book. I must go to the library web page and put it on hold.

The DI is insane on Saturdays because that's when everyone has the day off. It's scary to go there on Saturdays.

Wishful Nals said...

i hear you....

Erin said...

Toile is French, so I know how to pronounce it! It is "twal," but you have to say it quickly without a drawl of any kind on the "a."

January is lasting forever. Thank goodness Feb is a short one!

Annette Lyon said...

Haven't read The Book Thief, but I read I Am the Messenger by the same author--amazing. I need to read the other one now.

Kristina P. said...

The Book Thief is awesome.

And Boob Nazi is correct. It's twal. I love toile.

MadeInCanarias said...

You can check Adori Graphics Blog for makeover :)

Linds said...

My MIL has that same "twall" in her bathroom!

heather said...

I do my own blog. I can help you as much as I know. Actually I'd really love to because I NEED something to do that is more than just watching t.v. and reading blogs/ facebook. You know. Not being able to do anything gets pretty old after awhile. Email me.
I'd need your passwords n' stuff. :/

Melinda said...

More important than toile, how do you pronounce "damask". I've heard with an emphasis on the "mask" and and emphasis on the "dam"! I want to know! :)

I think CBC sounds cool, but I don't really get it, so you go there to learn about blogging? Really? I don't get it. Its not like you get to go to lunch with a bunch of bloggers and talk, you sit in a class and learn about blogging right?

Lourie said...

There's a lot of background stuff out there: Cutest Blog, Shabby Blogs, Hot Biggity-Blog. Contests--like Emmy said.

It's Murphy's law that vomit or some other bodily fluid soils the carpet, floor, or freshly washed bedspread. Sorry.

Never even heard of the book. Guess I need to come out of my cave more often.

The closet DI to me is about 30 or 40 miles away. I don't go.


Lara said...

I've had so many mixed reviews on Book Thief, that I haven't yet read it. But some of my favorite people are saying it's wonderful here on this thread, so I'll put it at the top of my list.

CBC is actually an incredible steal when you compare it to BlogHer or other professional conferences. I'm betting it will only cover the venue and a few other necessities. I was going to go to a voice teachers conference in SLC this summer (can't now...niece getting married and we're flying the family out for that instead. Can't do CBC either, for that matter) and it runs around 500 dollars and I felt that was completely reasonable. I know it does depend on your personal financial situation though. I'm crossing my fingers that you'll win one of the free tickets. :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I've got nothin' for you, but I wanted to say Hi. That is all my brain can handle right now. =)

Melissa Bastow said...

Let's pretend that it's said: "Toooo-OIL-eeeeeee" Because that's more fun.

I'll do a full custom make over for you, if you want to wait until second week of february....ish (once I recover from surgery and all that.)

wendy said...

Ok, I need to read the Book Thief.
I hate January!
Don't ever go to DI on a Saturday --or Costco
clean house is a pre-requisit to vomit

Jodie said...

Well, I have learned from reading your comments that I have been saying toile wrong for the longest time! Thanks for the edumacation! What is The Book Thief about? I have never heard of it before. And one last stupid question. What is DI?

That Girl said...

The Book Thief has been checked out of the library for the past THREE times I've been and I'm getting mildly frustrated.

thecutestblogontheblock has some great tips for creating your own background. Even I could figure it out.

Kimberlei said...

I like to pronounce toile as Tooele (Too Will Uh) and vice versa. My sister lives in Tooele, Utah and she hates toile so I like to mix it up sometimes. :)

I hate when vomit happens, period, but especially when I'm pregnant and haven't cleaned the toilet in a while. That in itself is vomit inducing.

I am living in a world of my own filled with First Word books and Dr. Seuss. I hadn't heard of The Book Theif. I need to join a book club. That's goal number one when I move to Utah next month. Or maybe more like goal 4 behind ya know, making sure we have jobs.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Love the void questions. :) I've heard a lot of people who started reading The Book Theif, but only that they started, I'm glad to hear someone who's finished and thought about it.

I have a plan I'm brewing up. I need to figure it out but if it works I think you'll like it.

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