February 23, 2010

Tuesday Confessional

I really love playing the hostess. 

I love having people over for dinner. Or dessert. Or game night. 

Maybe it's because I can make huge, yummy dinners that I know my family alone would never, could never eat.  

Maybe it's because I love spending time with friends and family.

Maybe because it's motivation for me to clean the house.  

Whatever it is, I love it. 

My husband hates it. 

Not because he doesn't like having people over, but because I make him help me take care of kids while I cook. 

Or clean. 

Heaven Forbid.  

Wanna come over for dinner?


Kristina P. said...

I love entertaining too! It's probably easier without kids. :)

SpencernAmy said...

I feel the same way! LOVE having people over. Luckily, Spencer does, too. I was explaining to Lindsay yesterday why I seem to go more out of my way to make fun stuff for guests than for just the kids (guests appreciate the work). So Lindsay was really grateful for her artichokes, rice and beans last night. : )

Pam said...

It is one of my favorite things to do! I'll drop by the next time we are in town :)

Wonder Woman said...

I love it, too, for all of those reasons. Superman is not a fan, for the same reasons as your husband.

Momza said...

My family loves having people over for dinner and games!
And we ALL chip in and do whatever needs to be done--that includes Dad...who doesn't mind helping with the dinner part, while the girls and I do the rest.
Maybe if you make one of Dad's fav dishes/treats, he might be more inclined to help? just a thought.

Rochelle said...

I do want to come to dinner! Too bad I live 400 miles away. I love entertaining too, but I think my husband does as well, so it works out.

Jillybean said...

I really enjoy having people over too except for that whole cleaning the house thing.
I guess that's why we don't have many parties here.

Barbaloot said...

My confession: I hate hosting. Way too much pressure.

j@nAe said...

I think the top-rated reason I have for enjoying guests is the clean house thing. Visiting is fun, but having a clean house is even better. Aren't I odd?!

Emmy said...

I do want to come over!!
My husband doesn't really like things like that either, mostly because he doesn't like having so many people over at our house. But he does like how clean I get the house when people are coming over, so it is worth it for him in the end :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Yes! And I'll even do clean-up duty.

just call me jo said...

I'm with Barbaloot--hate it. I am a nervous wreck, get a migraine from the stress, and am a raving lunatic by the time the entertaining is over. Not worth it...You wouldn't even want to come to my house. I give lousy parties.
Did you ever watch Mary Tyler Moore (or are you too young?)
She was just the epitome of organization and had this adorable apt. but was the worst party giver ever. I'm like that minus the good at everything and cute apt. parts.

Sher said...

Oo, I want to come over for dinner. I bet you are an amazing cook!!
My hubby loves to entertain. Mostly, he likes to invite his whole family or all his buddies over to watch the game, and have me cook for them.
I've taken to ordering Wingers or pizza, and everyone's happy.

I think he secretly does this on purpose to get me to clean the house.

The Woolley's said...

Okay, you are the funnest blogger! It's going to take me a while, but I'm determined to read all of your past posts! I do have a super nummy wonton recipe too...we tend to make it a little to often... Did I know you danced? What kind? I grew up doing Ballet, but got into Modern at college... I really want to dance again too! I'm not the best at blogging and I'm pretty boring, but you're always welcome to read them...

Lourie said...

I am super anxious about being the hostess, and yet I love having people over.

Heck yeah, I'll come over. We're a pretty rowdy bunch. ;)

Lara said...

I agree. I love entertaining. Not sure why, but I really like it.

My husband likes that it gets the house really clean.

But he's generally not the most social person, so he's not up for it as much as I am.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

yes. Exactly. Me too! In general my hostessing nights turn out great. However when I try to do birthday parties for the kids for some reason my stress level spikes and it drives my hubby crazy. He has threatened me many times that I might have to stop inviting people over. :)

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