March 19, 2010

Random Friday

raYou know those people who just exude confidence?  The people that everyone likes, who everyone wants on their team?  For some reason, these people intimidate me.  In my head, they are bigger than  real life. I always remember them taller than they actually are, because they intimidate me.

I think it's because I am a somewhat self conscious person. I second guess myself all. the. time. It's a bad habit, I know, but it's who I am.  So, for all of you confident people out there, if you meet me and I'm not terribly talkative, it's not because I don't like you.


Is honesty a problem with your children? All of a sudden, my oldest is on a lying streak.  It's bad.  Her excuse is that she doesn't want to get in trouble, so she lies.  So, my idea is to make the punishment so  much worse when she lies than it would have been if she had just told the truth.

I've also tried to play the guilt card.  Which I don't think totally worked. Any advice?


You know, I go through the week and occasionally think of things that aren't quite enough to make a blog post and I think: that would be great for Random Friday!  But Friday rolls around, and I can't remember any of it.  I know. I need to keep a notebook next to the bed or something, but it's kind of annoying.  I used to be able to remember everything.

Not so much anymore.


A quick item of business:

If you live in Utah you have probably heard about the predicament of the Jordan School District. In an attempt to help with that problem, there is a new initiative to keep money on the west side.  It's called ShopWest and it basically encourages the residents of the west side of Salt Lake to shop on the west side, thus funneling money into the school district.  So, if you live on the west side, shop on the west side! It's as simple as that!


I have a little confession. I like girly music.  I have always liked Sarah Mclachlan, Paula Cole, Norah Jones and I have recently discovered Ingrid Michealson, Regina Spektor and Sarah Bareilles.  And I really like it.

But hey, I'm a girl, right?


Pam said...

When it comes to lying I always emphasize to the kiddo-s that if they lye to me the consequences will will be much worse than if they were to just tell me straight up. Like if they have an accident in their pants. Just tell me right away and you will maintain sweet harmony in the home. Try to hide it and the wrath of mommy will come down and it is not good. It seems like they have gotten it. I also explain we all make mistakes, it is how we handle them that shows our true character, so always being upfront and honest is so much better.

Sara said...

Emma went through a lying phase, and what we did has really helped her. If she told us the truth, all she had to do was fix the problem. Like if she wrote her name on her bed, she had to scrub it off, or if she hit her brother, she had to give him a hug and say sorry. If she told the truth, we'd try to come up with anything that would help "fix it", because sometimes it was hard to think of the appropriate thing. If she lied about it, then she had to fix it, and then got an extra punishment, which was usually a time out. And then we tried to explain the best we could why it is so important not to lie. Anyway it really helped her get through the phase.

Wonder Woman said...

I love girly music. I also like rock music by girls. Pink and Kelly Clarkson and the like. We need more girl rockers. But not like Katy Perry. I hate every song she's done.

Some weeks I keep a draft of the random things I want to put in my friday post. Sometimes I just run over and jot down a sentence to elaborate on later.

Kristina P. said...

Fortunately, it sounds like they aren't going to lay off any teachers, so that's great news!

Oh, and I live on the east side. :)

Emmy said...

I do have a notebook where I write down good ideas otherwise I forget.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Regina Spector=freaky and cool.

Mrs. Townsley said...

Regina's my favorite!

Lourie said...

I worked with a gal who was 4'11." I am six feet tall. She was a very strong personality. A lot of people thought she was pushy. I loved working with her. She was straight forward and didn't hem and haw. She was a giant in a small frame.

The honesty issue. My oldest is usually honest. It's because she can't lie. It's not in her nature. The other two...welll....I like your idea of making the punishment stronger for the lie. I also will say, "I will not yell...just tell me the truth." yeah, that doesn't always work. Guilt is great.

When I come up with an idea, or a random thought, I put it in my drafts. Then when I go to blog they are there waiting. Just be careful you don't accidentally publish.

Jo said...

somewhere around 90% of self dialog (things you say about yourself in your mind)is negative. So when you catch yourself saying, "why are they looking at me what's wrong" stop and say "ya I know I look good!"

The lying thing we just give the kids two punishments when they lie! And make the lying one much worse then the doing things wrong one. Worked for us.

wendy said...

My best friend and former husband are both teachers in the Jordan School District. It's a mess.
When I lived there, I'd get so irritated with the "east" side.

you are not forgetful....just busy. got alot on your mind.

I think kids go through that lying stage. They figure it out. Keep on it.

and I just plain love music

Anonymous said...

Wow. I think we must be connected somehow. I swear, either I say what's going on in your world, or you say what's going on in mine. I can't ever remember anything cool to say in my blog. I've been accused of being a "snob" because I get super shy around people I don't know and tend to not talk and just observe. And the lying stage? When you figure that out, let me know because I have a 10 year old who's going through the same thing.

Music? I love all of it (ok, not really, but most.) I love love love Ingrid and Norah is great when I'm trying to relax and shut out the world.

Mrs. Organic said...

I really like Regina Spektor and Zoey Deschanel (She & Him).

Omgirl said...

I can't speak for every child, but I was quite a liar as a child. and for me it was because I was a poeople pleaser and I hated to think that people would be disappointed in me because I had done something bad/wrong. I just wanted people to like me and be happy with me, espeically adults that I cared about. I think for me, the times when someone took me aside and assured me that they would love me no matter what, that they wouldn't lose faith in me or be disappointed in me as a person if I made a mistake were the times I really thought long and hard about changing and learning to tell the truth. And I wish more people close to me had said that to me more often.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I think the lie should get the great consequence, unless, of course, the bad thing they did is really really BAD.
And I think that the notebook idea is a great one - mostly because I have the very same problem. I think it is because we as adults and moms and wives have so many other things going to juggle - its hard to remember the small but interesting moments!

Loralee and the gang... said...! That was an awesome jumbled up comment! I usually proofread my comments better than that - in a rush as usual!

Melissa Bastow said...

Regina Spektor is awesome. Try Priscilla Ahn too. And the lying thing - I have NO IDEA. But if you get any epiphanies on the subject, let me know!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I really think the closer they get to 8 the more the lying increases. No good advice for ya but I'd love to hear what you find that works since I'm sure I'll be wondering the same thing next year. :)
I'm with ya on the hoping to remember things at the end of the week. I've just come to accept that I have a very splotchy memory.

Erin said...

Sarah McLachlan is my favorite singer ever. I love her.

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