April 30, 2010

Ashby Fundraiser Preview

Here is the list you have been waiting for.  These are all the sponsors who will taking part of Ashby Fundraiser that will begin this Monday.  So, take a look around, browse the shops that you like and then come back on Monday to see exactly what will be available. Don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up before too much longer. . . this would be a great opportunity to snag a great gift!

(Side note: Not all pictures are representative of the items that will be available.  All items will be pictured Monday.)

Are you ready for this?


(200 of these prints will be available at $25 a piece.  You need one of these. You know you do.)


School Time Adventures
Amazing Action Alphabet

 Rachel Ligari

Nikon 50mm Lens

Contributing Restaurants:

If you are feeling extra generous, you can donate to the Ashby Family without even waiting for the sale to start.  Just click on the DONATE button and donate as much as you want to the family. 

And make sure to come back here Monday, May 3 to check out the selection and help a family in need. Everyone who makes a purchase will automatically be entered into an amazing giveaway!

P.S. Grab a button and spread the love!  Please!


Momza said...

"Charity never faileth"...
I think you got this one down, Sister.

Hugs for the goodness of your heart.
Every bit of it.

Barbaloot said...

Ooh-I do love shabby apple dresses. I'll have to come back on Monday.

Emily said...

I'm Jean's youngest sister. THANK YOU for doing this for the family. This is so awesome and we really appreciate all the support they are receiving from friends like you.

Lourie said...

I have my button!

Scott said...

I'm Melinda... Jean's older sister and I also say thank you thank you for what you are doing. I've got a friend or two that have something to donate to the auction, how do I go about that?

Rachel Sue said...

Melinda- Please email me your info! Click on the contact button under the header. Thanks!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Wow! You got a ton of sponsors lined up! Good for you!

Lourie said...

PS I put your link on my FB and Twitter. :*

Scott said...

Rachel- I made a $25 donation today as per your instructions that would be for the Last Supper print. Thanks!

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