May 3, 2010

Miss E Designs- SOLD

*Please read introduction before purchasing*

Miss E loves to doodle. She loves to create. But most of all, she loves giving sweet notes to those she cherishes. One day these three things collided into something she likes to call "miss E".
Miss E hopes you find something in her shop that you love and will send it to someone you cherish.

Miss E has donated a set of 4 greeting cards from her shop, your choice. 


To purchase, click on the Buy Now button and pay through your pay pal account. After purchasing, please leave a comment with the name of the item purchased to be entered into our giveaway. For an extra entry, blog about the sale and leave a second comment. 


Matt and Joanna said...

Just bought these! Can't wait to get them in the mail.

I also talked about the fundraiser on my blog and facebook! Good luck.

Matt and Joanna said...

I guess I was supposed to leave a second comment about mentioning it on my blog and facebook!

I purchased the Miss E greeting cards.

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