May 19, 2010

Sick Day

I have been sick this week so I decided to take a sick day yesterday.

I still did a load of laundry, made breakfast, lunch and dinner, changed the normal amount of diapers and washed the dishes, but I didn't do much else.


Funny how my definition of sick day has changed since having children. . .



Rachelle said...

ok, if that is what you do on a sick day - then i totally suck on a non sick day!!!!!!! wow. you really are a "supermom." i have not been motivated to do anything except sit on my bed and read blogs today...haha. i hope you feel better! ♥

Lourie said...

You did more than enough. Just remember things will wait til you're better. And get better soon.

Sher said...

Wow. THAT's your sick day? What do you do on a non-sick day? What are you, super Mom? My take is if you're sick, the laundry and dishes will patiently wait for you until tomorrow.

I lived through 6 months of straight sick days, and I learned that the laundry, and the dishes and sweeping the floor didn't matter so much. I spent a lot of days, cuddling with three little monkeys in bed, while my visiting teachers and my Mom came over to sweep my floor.

After that, honeslty, its kinda of nice that I can do it myself again.

Anonymous said...'s don't get sick days. I could really use a sick day right about now.

And I hate you for being super mom even on your sick day. No fair. ;-)

Kami said...

I've been sick too and I've actually been able to rest because of my husband, but this is actually one of the first times I actually had the chance to have an actual "sick day". I'm usually doing what you're doing though and you're right, the definition of sick days definitely change once your momma, :D

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