November 3, 2010

Something new to read

And who knows, you might be reading about yourself?

My lovely friend Melissa from Because I can't get enough of myself fame, has a new project.  (Another one, you ask?  How does she do it?)  Yes.  A new, amazing magazine of blog reviews!  I just checked out the first issue and I cannot tell you how impressed I am. If you are a blog fan, you are going to love this magazine.

So, why are you still here?  Check The Barrel out!


Barbaloot said...

Hey-you figured out how to post the actual magazine picture! Jealous:)

It's good, isn't it? I'm excited for her.

Melissa Bastow said...

Best review I've read!!! I think because you mention my name, and then say the word "fame". How I do it all? No sleep and neglecting my children. I'm awesome!! (<--that was sarcasm, or possibly cynicism, depending on how long I've gone without sleep.)

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