December 6, 2010

Monday Review: CSN Stores

When CSN Stores contacted me and asked if I wanted to review some products, I jumped for joy.  I love cooking, especially soup.  And if you have ever made soup, you know that there is much chopping involved.  I have been wanting a food processor to assist with my soup making for a long, long time. Perfect opportunity.  I went to CSN and was overwhelmed with the amount of choices. I found one that was just right for me, complete with good reviews.  The Hamilton Beach 10-CupFood Processor was perfect for me.  I love throwing an onion in there and having it done, no tears or anything! It makes everything go so much more quickly. It also came with a shredding and slicing blade, which is great for making salads.  So, I pretty much love it.  

The site was easy to navigate and there is just so much selection that it is amazing.  Chances are, whatever you are looking for, CSN Stores will have 10 of them.  If you are doing your Christmas shopping this year online, check out CSN.  Reasonable prices and huge variety make it a valuable resource this season!


Emmy said...

That reminds me, I can review something from them too!

Jo said...

What did you get for this review? I went there and it reminded me of all the things I want to get! especially for the kitchen....sigh I like the fact that they have free shipping. One thing I didn't like Is the descriptions of the products, I need to get extra deep sheets and they give you no information about that!

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