December 2, 2010

One little thing

Yesterday started spectacularly.

I got an awesome new haircut. At a great salon.  By an adorable girl, who I will return to.

I got to say hi to my husband. (didn't have time to eat lunch) in the middle of the day.

I stopped at Greek City Grill and had the best gyro salad ever, followed by some amazing baklava.

Then, in an effort to thank my mom for babysitting, I stopped at her favorite little bistro to pick up a brownie for her.

And someone backed right into my car.

Why is it, that when things are going so great, one little thing can just ruin the rest of the day?


Barbaloot said...

Boo--I'm so sorry! I guess you learned your lesson though---don't try and do nice things for people cuz that's when someone hits your car:)

Anonymous said...

Wait, having your car backed into is a little thing? I've had my day ruined by much smaller inconveniences. Perhaps I am a whiner. (Almost certainly.)

heather said...

maybe because being backed into isn't exactly a little thing. But, if no one was hurt I guess it's not all bad, right?

Kristina P. said...

I hope they left a note!

I haven't been to Le Sage, in ages.

just call me jo said...

Well, shucks! At least you had a full tummy and weren't hungry when you got backed into. I'm such an optimist. (psssh!)

Liesl said...

Well, that sucks. But hey, you looked good! Thanks for the salon recommendation. I need a haircut. Was it Megan that did it?

Rachel Sue said...

Liesl- It was Annie. She did an awesome job, considering the fact that I went in there and had no idea what I wanted. She pretty much guessed and did an awesome job.

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