December 31, 2010

Random Friday

I am hating the snow less this year.  Well, let me correct that.  I only hate the snow after Christmas.  But this year, I'm doing ok.  Maybe it's been because when it does snow there is enough of it do something with it.


So, I am wanting to do some redecorating, reorganizing and rearranging.  I need a little bit of change on occasion.  But the question is where and how?  Do we get  new tv stands flat screens?   Just move a few of the decorations around?  I want to paint and, well, overhaul our den.  It disgusts me. It is straight our of the 70's with it's dark wood paneling and black wood stove (that doesn't work, by the way.)  On our budget there isn't much to be done about the stove, but painting is entirely possible.  Now, to work up the motivation to do it. . .


Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  I don't, on a regular basis, but this year I have been thinking about it.  I may just give it a shot. However, I don't know that I will share them on my blog.  Not that I don't think that you should, but it just feels like revealing all of my faults to the world to tell you all what I want to be better at.  I guess I'm a little self conscious that way. . .


So, my husband stumbled on to a new series that we really like.  Sherlock Holmes. It is a BBC series and it is pretty good. It is new, the Sherlock Holmes that you are familiar with set in present time.  If you have netflix, I do recommended it.


Well,  Happy New Year!  I hope it is even better than the last one.


Barbaloot said...

Can you paint over wood paneling?

I hate the snow after New Year's. I'm very close to entering into SAD when winter lasts past Jan.

Kristina P. said...

I know how the itch goes. On a whim, we have decided to list out condo, which resulted in a visit to Home Depot. Small stuff can really make a difference.

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