January 2, 2011

Check me out. . . or not. . .

You know the Barrel?  That awesome blog magazine that Melissa puts together every month?  Well, I may just be in it this month.  So you should go check it out.  It's a very mature piece I wrote about an experience from my college days.



just call me jo said...

yeh, you. You married him, right? So it turned out OK in the end--seriously--no pun intended.

Barbaloot said...

I do know that awesome magazine, and I will check it out:)

Also, what happened to the junk food post? I wish I had a night like that....or I do. Every night:)

Jo said...

That is just too much info!

Liesl said...

Oh dear, well he could have felt like it was his fault. I mean it was his food that made you sick right?

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