February 14, 2011

Don't hate me. . .

Because, I know, EVERYONE loves Cheesecake Factory.

Except me.

We went to dinner there this weekend.  We had a gift certificate and a coupon for a free slice of cheesecake.  Otherwise we would not have waited the hour and fifteen minutes.

Did I mention that there were only two of us?

And by the time that we sat down the wait was 2 1/2 hours.  No, thank you very much.

Anyway,  it goes without saying, it was packed. The service was decent and we got our food really quickly.

Here's the thing. The food isn't that great. And it's pretty expensive. I have been there 3 times now.  I have only enjoyed my meal once. The other times, it wasn't gross, but it wasn't worth the $15-20 that I paid for.it.

This time I ordered chicken with a Parmesan sauce.  I ordered it because of the Parmesan sauce. I am a lover of white sauces, particularly if there is cheese in the white sauce.  There was a itty bitty puddle of sauce on the side of my plate.  That's it.  It was pretty disappointing.

Honestly, I don't think I will be going back.

Well, except for the cheesecake!


Lesa said...

I agree! We go for the cheesecake only.

Barbaloot said...

I'm ambivelant towards the factory...but they have a yummy Asian Chicken Salad that I get whenever I go there. Well, all two times that I've been there anyway.

Liesl said...

I don't like many sit-down restaurants. I find them over-priced and over-rated. There are so many amazing buffet-style cafes and restaurants for so much less that a sit-down restaurants better be amazingly good for me to dish out the cash for their service.

alison said...

i've never actually had a meal at cheesecake factory. nope...just give me a big ole hunk of the cheesecake and i'll be on my way, thank you very much ;) mainly...it's because there's always a massive wait. alison does NOT wait for food. sorry it was a disappointment...but at least you had a coupon!

Rochelle Brunson said...

I agree, the cheesecake factory is totally over-rated and way too expensive. (like $10 for a grilled cheese sandwich, you're kidding right?)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have never eaten there...except for cheesecake to go. I don't like pasta, so sue me.

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