February 15, 2011

Make up day

I am now going to brag just the littlest bit.  I'm feeling pretty good because I think I have made up for my super extra lazy week last week.  Today I have:
*Taught preschool.  (although maybe not successfully. We all got through it alive at least)
*Made yogurt (it's not quite finished. I'll let you know how it turns out)
*Made Maple Syrup
*Made Bread (enough for the next 2 weeks.)
*Made laundry detergent
*Made candied pecans. (I may or may not have eaten half of said pecans. . .)
*Made dinner. (This is awesome because it isn't even 3:00 yet.)

And on a wholly unrelated note, I have had the kitchen window open the entire time.  Hooray for 50 degrees!


alison said...

impressive! that's more than i did all last MONTH ;) to make myself feel better for my lack of productivity lately, i will see your 50 degrees yesterday and raise you with our 75 degrees. (i won't gloat TOO much though....since it's currently back down to 40 this morning). and i've never heard of anyone making yogurt....hope it turned out!

Heidi said...

I think I commented on this on FB but it deserves a second--way ta go! When I was younger, I had days like that once in a while. It took me at least a week to recover from them.

Emmy said...

Okay I am not even going to say what I did, or didn't do yesterday. Awesome job!

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