February 7, 2011

Monday Review: Who's at the Door?

When Who's at the Door arrived in my mailbox, I was curious, but honestly I thought that it would be an extended version of a story out of the Ensign.  It was not.  I blew through it and enjoyed every minute.  This is the story of Dan Harrington and his friendship with the LDS missionaries that came and went through Augusta, Maine.  I was expecting a touching conversion story, what I got however, was a study of faith and relationships.  The unexpected shift in perspective made this book.

Like everyone else, Harrington recognized the missionaries on site- the white shirts and black tags as a major giveaway.  But it wasn't until he invited them in, that he realized that they were more than that.  They were young men with varied and interesting lives, who had sacrificed two years of those lives, to do what they believed was right: bring people to God.  Who's at the Door? chronicles Harrington's doubts, as well as his disbelief at the way others treated these young men.  It is fascinating to watch as his opinions are altered as well as to see the world of Mormons from an outside angle. I highly recommend it to anyone. Particularly if you have ever served a mission!
*I was provided a copy of Who's at the Door? for this review. 


just call me jo said...

I'd like to read that. Husband and I are ward missionaries. We have constant interaction with the elders. They are certainly devout. (It sometimes irks me. I know not why. I'm weird like that.) I'd love to read that. My husband is a convert. I think he liked the missionaries more than the gospel at first.

Dan said...

Thank you for the nice review, Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

amy said...

this sounds like a great book. i am always looking for books about faith that will help me with my sunday school lessons. thanks for sharing.

Emmy said...

That does sound interesting! Might have to see if I can find a copy

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