March 17, 2011

A short list

1. My weekend was great, despite having the flu.  (You know. Like the one you're supposed to get a shot for.  Stupid me.)
2.  I have a testimony of Tamiflu.  It is the miracle drug.
3.  I also have a testimony of whining on twitter/facebook.
4.  Ten hours flies by when there are no children involved.
5. I have the best sisters-in-law in the while world. In case there was any doubt.
6. I only feel slightly guilty about leaving my husband with multiple strep throat patients.
7. Say!  I like green eggs and ham.  I do!  I like them, and so do my kids!


just call me jo said...

You were sick while your kids were gone? Bummer! Hope all is going better. Whining is good sometimes.

Barbaloot said...

Hope you still got to enjoy the 10 hours even if they went fast!

Melissa Bastow said...

TEN HOURS. I had to stop reading right there because it sparked a really wonderful daydream. However, I wasn't sick during the daydream (and it may have involved looking good in a bikini and also an attractive cabana boy who doesn't speak english but can mix a perfect virgin daiquiri while simultaneously fanning a palm leaf), so probably I had a better time with my imaginary 10 hours than you did with real ones... Still though - AWESOME.

alison said...

doncha hate that little trick that time pulls on you? when you need an hour to pass by quickly because the kids are driving you absolutely feels like 10 hours. when you want ten hours to stretch out beautifully in front of you because the kids are nowhere to be seen? feels like 5 minutes.

wendy said...

People see to have debatable thoughts regarding the flu shot.

I am glad you had such a good time!! and don't feel guilty about leaving hubby with sick kids, just gives him the "opportunity" to see what you have to handle on a daily basis eh

SpencernAmy said...

My nurse friend told me the flu shot just makes it worse when you do actually get the flu. That's why you have to get it every year once you start. Also why it's only recommended for infants, elderly, and healthcare workers. The media has just scared us into thinking we should all get it every year . . . . Glad you're feeling better.

I have to agree, we really do have the best sisters/sisters-in-law. I was sad to be the first to leave. Happy you all made it home safely.


Emmy said...

Ten hours? Sounds like heaven. I have never tried green eggs and ham

Lourie said...

Ten whole hours??? Sorry you were sick for it though. Get better.

Mom and Dad said...

Rachel. We DO have a great family and I'm SO happy it was a good WWWW and love you all SO MUCH.

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