July 29, 2011

Random Friday

I have a renewed determination to make the remainder of the summer worthwhile.  I kind of slacked off, pretty much the entire month of July. We have renewed our interest in hiking and I am quite excited to spend the next month in the mountains.  The heat isn't nearly so bad up there.


And speaking of heat, I have decided that I can never live in Arizona. Or St. George It was 89 degrees at 11:00 today and I thought that was pretty extreme. I do not handle the heat well. Not well at all .Our bills are always so much higher in the summer because I crank the AC.  And when I turned it on at the beginning of the summer and no cold air came out, I about had a panic attack. I cannot handle a summer with no AC. But here's the thing: I can totally handle a cold winter.  And a cold house.   No problem.


So we watched Rango last night.  So not a kid show.  I'm kind of a movie nazi with my kids, so if you're not, you might consider it, but really, this is not a movie for little kids.  My four year old would have lasted 5 minutes.  And, honestly, it was kind of boring. And random.  Didn't love it.


I am having a terrible time making myself go to bed at a reasonable time.  And then the next morning I'm dragging.  Any tips on that one?  Because apparently, willpower just isn't gonna do it.



Barbaloot said...

I hated Rango. I thought it was awful---and I didn't even have kids to worry about!

Mandy said...

hahaha yeah we went to Bed at 12:40 last night- every night gets later than the last and every night I keep telling AJ we need to get to bed earlier! if you find a secret let me know!. Yeah the Ringo trailers didn't look too appealing- so I'm glad I'm not missing much.

Emmy said...

I have heard several people say Rango is not a good kids movie. You obviously like cold- so yea def do not live in AZ. Our first summer there, there was 22 consecutive days over 110

Erin said...

I love St. George in the winter - that's where I go when I want to leave my small town and go shopping. But yeah, I couldn't live there in the summer either.

I went to bed at 9:30 with a migraine two nights ago. Usually it is after 11:00. But I don't want a migraine to have to make me get to bed earlier. Good luck with that one!

That Girl said...

Well, apparently I don't have tips because it's midnight and I soooo need to be in bed.

But dude - I LOVE me some Arizona! I hate the cold.

Aren't you glad God made the world so big to suit everyone? ;o)

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