August 11, 2011

Back to School

The following is completely my opinion.  You are welcome to take it or leave it! :)

I have four children so we have been through dozens of pairs of shoes, bows, jeans and on and on.  And after eight years as a mother I have figured out a few things.  (Not so much about motherhood. Mostly about what to buy to survive motherhood.)  I thought I would share my wisdom with you.  This is my opinion about how you should take advantage of the back to school sales--whether or not you have school kids.

Well, that and I have this overwhelming desire to gather bunches of crayons and deliver bouquets of sharpened pencils.  This list just gives me an excuse!

1.  Crayons: They get down to $0.20 a box.  And not the knockoffs--Crayola.  Stock up.  If you have a child who goes to birthday parties, primary kids, students anything that you might have to give a child a present, BUY CRAYONS.   They make awesome presents.  My favorite way to take advantage?  Molded crayons.
These are our standard Christmas gift to friends.  They are super easy to make and everyone thinks you are beyond awesome. Throw a little glitter in there and you're set. 

2. Markers.  Together, markers, crayons and a notebook make a great little art kit birthday present.  Stock up now and save lots of money when all those birthday invites show up on your doorstep!  

3. Glue.  Best use for this one? Make silly putty.  Seriously, it's awesome.  Divide it up, throw it in some old plastic Easter eggs, and once again, instant present. Or cheap favor for a birthday party.

4. Teacher presents.  Actually, every school supply would be great for teacher gifts, but my preferred one is flower pot pens. Buy a couple of packs of pens for cheap while they are on sale and head to the dollar store for the rest.

5. Craft supplies. If you are a crafter, you probably already know this.  But colored pencils, glue sticks, paper, etc. are all going to be on sale in the next couple of months.  Stock up!

And there you go!  My five reasons why you should buy school supplies now, instead of later.  You're welcome. 



Emmy said...

Yes, I think I have stocked up every year the last three years and we have a big surplus- I think I over bought :)

Lara said...

Love the heart crayons. I also love buying school supplies and totally agree with everything you've said!

Liesl said...

You're the best. And I gave you an award on my blog, for even though your blog is not necessarily a writing blog, you're one of my favorite writers.

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