August 19, 2011

Random Friday

School is 1 week away. And if I'm going to be honest, for the first time I'm feeling a little conflicted.  Usually I love having my kids home. I love taking them hiking and letting them spend the entire afternoon in the sprinklers. But this summer has been different. We didn't do so good on all the fun at home activities.  And with the budget cuts going on around our house, didn't have the means to go all the places that we usually go. So, after a while we all got a little cabin feverish. And I'm ready for slightly less chaos.  The only thing-- my house will remain equally as messy. The messy one isn't old enough to go to school yet. . . .


But we have been going hiking for the last couple of weeks. And I have been loving it. We hiked to Donut Falls with some friends last week and the kids had a blast. I did too, but if I'm going to be honest, the best part about the whole thing was escaping the heat and reveling in the 70's.


I have been getting up early the past week. While I tell myself that it is really good for me, because I'm going to have to do that every day for the next nine months anyway, it is really kicking my butt. And I have a terrible time going to bed early enough to make it not suck.  I really hope I get used to it soon. Or it's gonna be a long year.

Do me a favor, if you haven't already, and check out Blossoming Bloggers. We are really hoping to turn it into a bloggers resource, so keep going back to see the new stuff. And I apologize for my announcement fail.  I blame it on a lack of sleep. . . .


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Emmy said...

We were going to hike to Donut Falls when we were there in July but the path was all flooded still.

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