August 26, 2011

Random Friday

I am done.

Do you ever have those days? I've just had two.  The air conditioner broke.I thought it was just out of freon. Nope.  It's trash.  $2000 later, we're getting a new one.  I hate money.  A lot.


Speaking of which, best way to cut back?  GO:


I had great last day of summer plans.  They got cancelled along with the scheduling of the AC.  So, the last day of summer is going to suck. Cause our house is hot. HOT, I tell you. You know how a lot of time kids seem impervious to heat?  Not the blistering kind, just the uncomfortable kind? Well, when I tucked my 2 year old in tonight he looked at me and said, "Our room is hot, mom."   I know baby, I know.  So, no one wants to do anything, nobody wants to eat.  And I surely don't want to cook.

And this had to happen the week the high's were 98. Every day.  Seriously?


You see what's on my mind? This isn't terrible random. But it is pretty whiney.  Sorry about that. Maybe next week will be better. I hope so. I don't think I can take another one like this. . . .


heather said...

Yeah... We don't have AC at all. It gets pretty miserable on these weeks in the 90s. Especially when it doesn't cool down at night. I hear your whiney-ness and up you one. ;)

just call me jo said...

I've had kind of a crappy week too. I sure hope it cools off for you soon. I think there's a cosmic cloud hovering over us. It'll pass or burn off--something.

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