September 12, 2011


I was  a born choreographer. If you don't believe me, ask my parents. Or better yet, ask my cousin and my sister. They were the ones who I imposed my dances upon to be performed at the upcoming family reunion, Thanksgiving dinner, whatever the case may be there was usually a program to go along with it.

Well, I am at it again. This time with my children.  Lesser known fact about Rachel: I minored in dance in college.  Not really because I ever planned to use it, mostly because I loved it and the best excuse to take that many dance classes was to minor in it.  Well, when our budget got even tighter a few weeks ago, thank you air conditioner, I decided to put it to use. The monthly bill for dance classes was just to high, and hey, I did pay for all those classes years ago. I might as well get my money's worth!

So, I'm teaching my daughters and two of their friends.  Once a week we get together and dance for an hour. The only problem: my 7 year old.  She loves to dance. She also loves to be silly and goof off.  We had a discussion before our first class about how they needed to respect me like they would a real dance teacher.  Because they are pretty comfortable saying "no" to me when they don't want to do something that I tell them.  But they would never dream of doing that when a dance teacher asked them to skip across the room.  It went pretty well for a while, but about 45 minutes in my daughter had a total and complete meltdown because I wouldn't let her do what ever she wanted to do.

I'm hoping this week things go better.


The Woolley's said...

I'm in the same shoes!! Dance is to much for our budget right now too and I actually have my Associates in I've thought about teaching Anna this just may have inspired me!

Mother Goose said...

There is an empty (and beautiful) dance studio not too far from us. You should move down here and we can start a studio together!

Emmy said...

Why do kids do that? I guess they know that since we're their parents we will always love them no matter what.

Melissa Bastow said...

That's awesome. I have no coordination whatsoever and have never considered teaching my kids to dance.

ALSO, how much do you charge for dance classes? Because I have a 3 and 4 year old who need something to do. ('cause, you know, you WANT to teach a 3 and 4 year old....)

SpencernAmy said...

My kids would join you in a heartbeat! A lady in our ward started teaching 6 kids in our home last week....

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