September 9, 2011

Random Friday

It's still Friday. It counts.

I am so tired.  I think I need more sleep.


So, new blogger format. What do you think?  Like? No?


I apologize for the following posts.  The purchase of the stupid air conditioner has caused me to be less picky.


This is like the lamest random Friday ever.  Sorry.


I'm reading the Secret Garden with my girls.  It is such a great book.  I love it. And do you know what I love even more? That they love it!  It is so much fun.


Why is September so busy? I know the school is in session.  But shouldn't that mean that my days are less full?  I don't get it.



Tracie said...

I loved the new format until I couldn't figure out how to add or delete things from my sidebar. So I went back to the old one. Don't have time in the day to try and figure out the new system. I think we all have friday's like that, I hope you September gets better.

Barbaloot said...

I didn't realize there was a new format... I'm clueless.

You should read Little House on the Prairie with your girls. I have SUCH great memories of doing that with my mom.

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