September 7, 2011

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Question:  How do you balance it all?

Honestly, sometimes I really, really don't. But lately things are getting better. And I think it has to do with my lists.  I have been much better lately about planning my days out and making to do lists. And when I have a list to look at, it is so much easier to remember exactly what needs to be done.

That, and I don't over schedule myself. When I know I have a lot to do during a certain week, I try my hardest to spread everything out over the course of the week so that I'm not running around like crazy at the last minute.

And, one thing that I have had to come to terms with is this:  If I want to cram everything into a day that needs to happen, I must wake up earlier. I didn't love this realization and I still don't.  But it works.  It really does.


Melissa Bastow said...

I kind of think risking my sanity is better than waking up early. But then I have to stay up late finishing what I could have done during daylight hours, so yeah.

Barbaloot said...

Balance? What is this balance thing you speak of?

Emmy said...

Yes balance is never easy...someti E's when I seem to actually have extra time I find myself not wanting o do a thing then I always kick myself later

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