October 7, 2011

Random Friday

We are currently in St. George. My children think they are in heaven. Not because of the weather, but because they get to spend every waking moment with their cousins.  Cousins that we don't get to see nearly enough.  I'm enjoying it, because if you want to enjoy St. George, you just have to go in October. It is perfect weather.  I'm hoping to make a hiking trip while we're here.  But I will have to convince my husband of that one.  Wish me luck.

It's about this time that I realize how close Christmas actually is. I am so weird, I know.  But, I have discovered that December is just so much more enjoyable if there are less things to worry about. Presents being at the top of that list.  I made most of our gifts last Christmas.  I was planning on making all of them, but my sewing machine broke at the beginning of December.  I had no illusions this year of making most of our Christmas presents but I do plan on making some of them.  I gotta get on that.

We are dumping Netflix. Darn Dave Ramsey and his ways.  I am sincerely going to miss it.  I'm worried that I'm going to start going through withdrawals.  It's actually kind of pathetic.


My house is being taken over by spiders. And this is NOT okay with me.  The only thing that is funny about this situation at all is the fact that my seven year old daughter is a self proclaimed expert on spiders.  We found a spider book at DI a couple of years ago and they have studied that thing from cover to cover. So closely in fact, that when asked what she wanted to be for Halloween the answer was "A spider. I want to be a fishing spider, or if you can't make that costume, a trapdoor spider."  To which I replied, "Eden, if you are going to be a spider, you are going to be a black spider.  That's it."   She has since decided to be a cowgirl.

Have a lovely weekend!    


Kristina P. said...

I'm thinking about dumping Netflix because it's so darn expensive!

Lindsay said...

Love the spider costume! What a funny girl.

Barbaloot said...

I'm starting to get ready for Christmas, too:)

And spiders-ugh. I'm looking for someone to come spray my house.

Mother Goose said...

Remember when I was there and we were talking about scorpions? Well, when I got home the girls where sitting in the suitcase and found one in there! Apparently she come on vacation with me. Just wait, it gets better. A few days later we found baby scoripions coming out of the suitcase!! Did you know that scorpions can have up to 100 babies at a time!!!!! Needless to say I am getting a whole new set of luggage for Christmas.

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