February 9, 2012


I'm very curious about this:

Which is better?

Google +  or Facebook?

Pinterest or Google?

Wordpress or Blogger?

Tweetdeck or Hoot Suite?

Instagram or Twitter?

Seriously, guys.  What do you think?


heather said...

Tweetdeck? Hoot Suite? Huh??

Off to google those two new things...

Lauren said...

I deleted Facebook and don't have Google +
I am addicted to Pinterest and rarely use google any more.
Love Blogger, never tried wordpress.
I just use a twitter app on my iPod, don't think it's one of the two you mentioned.
I'm just getting into Instagram. Love it so far, but still a Twitter fan.

SpencernAmy said...

Let me know when you find out...that way if I ever have an inkling to try one out, I can go to you as an expert. : )

Halley said...

I adore Twitter, Pinterest, Tweetdeck, Facebook (although Google + is on my list) + Blogger.

And Mailchimp rocks my socks!

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