April 11, 2014


I feel like I don't want to, just yet, let this little blog die. I also feel like oh, so very much has happened in the past year.  If you follow me on instagram (@rachelsueward) you know the big stuff.
I had a baby.  Pretty much the cutest little boy ever. And I can say that because I'm his mama.  Yes, your baby's cute too, but please.  Don't try to tell me that you don't also secretly think that your baby is cuter than everyone else's.  Because you know you do it too.

This baby is the sweetest, mildest baby.  The easiest baby.  He is mellow.  He is calm. I LOVE it.  My kids LOVE it.  My husband LOVES it.  Well, except for the part that the baby has started to realize that I'm the mommy and when I leave the room he screams because he loves me, but really, who can fault him for that?
Also, I have an 11 year old. Who babysat someone else's kids for the first time tonight. Yeah, I'm serious.  She's 11. I've tried to tell her to knock it off but she keeps getting taller and it's driving me crazy.  There is a very distinct possibility that she will pass me up in another year or two.  There is also a distinct possibility that she will get as tall as I am exactly and then stop.  It just depends on whose genes she has more of.
I have an onery first grader and a really bored preschooler.  Who just *might* get into all day kindergarten next year and then we will all breathe a sigh of relief.  Because seriously, HE IS SO BORED.  People laugh. But it's not funny.  SO BORED, I can't even tell you.
We fixed the hole in our basement.  There is now a hole in our bank account.  We are not moving. (Again.) We got bunnies. One of them isn't going to make it.  We planted a garden.  Not sure that's going to make it either. None of this is new.  Or very exciting.  But I posted on the blog.  So that absolutely counts for something.  And hopefully, I'll do it again before next year. 


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