June 24, 2014

I've had a lot swirling around in my head in the last days, weeks, maybe even months.  Things that don't quite make sense until I say them out loud or write them down.  And I was missing having this as a place to write things down.  Well, let me try that again.  

I was missing this as a place to have a conversation.

I have a small life.  I feel like I've said this before.  Meaningful, but small.  And really, if I'm completely honest, I'm okay with that.  But being a part of the blogging community, interacting with women from all over the country and even the world made me feel a little bit bigger.  We shared so much, as mothers and women, that suddenly, my life didn't seem quite so small and the trivial that wasn't so trivial to me was validated.  And I miss that.  

Anyway.  This is just to say.


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