June 27, 2014

Just a Small Town Girl

I moved to Rexburg Idaho when I was 18 and small town life caught me off guard. It sank into my bones until I didn't want anything else.   I spend my daydreams on land and skies and stars, rows of fruit trees and my children running barefoot through the garden.  However, I'm married to a man whose chosen career path and aversion to commute keeps us tethered to cities.  We currently sit firmly in suburbia, with neighbors closing in on all sides and a backyard the size of a postage stamp.

And I find myself with a new affection for my grandpa. He wanted, all his life, to leave the the cities, the suburbs, and move out to a small town away from everything else. My Grandma, however, wouldn't have it. They lived their whole lives only a few miles from where they grew up, with homes and churches and shopping centers popping up all around them.

I think, though, it must have been more than just a dream. It must have been in his blood, this need for open spaces. His son, my uncle, moved his family to a tiny town in Southern Utah and relished every minute of it spending his days exploring the nearby mountains and caves and his nights camping under the stars.

I like to think that someday I'll get my wish.  I'll find a way to move away from it all, somewhere I can fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the trees and not the sirens.  Somewhere that the air smells like sage and pine and soil, instead of exhaust.  Some where I can sit outside and see the horizon, and not just the houses surrounding me on all sides.  But until then, I'll just be here, longing for clear night skies and complete quiet.

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heather said...

I love it when you blog.

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