June 27, 2016

Summer Bucket List: Tracy Aviary

Ready or not, it's summer. Your kids are home, all day long.  We're about a month in-- are you out of stuff to do yet?   If your in the Salt Lake County area, I've got the solution to your problem: Tracy Aviary.  The babies and I got a chance to check it out recently, and we had a blast.  

One of the things that I love about Tracy Aviary, is that all of my children love it.  This was the first time for my littles, but I have taken my older children several times and everyone always has a blast. There is a sand pit and water tables to keep the little ones entertained, by my older kids love going even though they've outgrown those particular features. They love to see the birds and learn their names and where they're from. 

While there, we were able to visit the new exhibit, Treasures of the Rainforest, which I had never seen. It was beautiful. I wish that we had been able to spend a little extra time there, but we were given the opportunity to release Ladybugs, which I absolutely loved, as pictured above, the two year old did not.  

 The biggest highlight of the day was the Amazon Adventure.  We were each given a cup of food for the birds and they would fly down and land on the cups.  The babies thought that this was the coolest thing to ever happen to them.  

So, the next time that the kids announce for the millionth time that they are bored, consider Tracy Aviary as a potential cure. 

GIVEAWAY:  Tracy Aviary has generously given me 4 free tickets to give away to one of my readers.  Leave a comment below to be entered.  


Ruth said...

I would love tickets to take my kids to Tracy Aviary!

AubreyB said...

My kids would love to go!

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